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Peggy Watson: Buy

A Good Life - CD

a_good_life_cover.jpgLife stories wrapped in uniquely beautiful music - flavored acoustic folk, pop and jazz.

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In the Company of Birds - CD

Original modern folk songs. "Unabashedly timeless, she has found the vein of gold in her own instrument ..."
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Wild Grace - CD

Stunning vocals, intelligent lyrics, rich portraits of life and love. An acoustic journey through contemporary folk stylings with tinges of blues, jazz, and even a little country.
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A Thousand Wishes - CD

With her soaring vocals, great stories, melodic and diverse arrangements, Peggy Watson stretches the boundaries of acoustic folk/pop.
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Love Songs - CD

A collection of original, pop/folk, and classic jazz love songs. Crystal clear vocals and lovely arrangements.
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Orion's Skies - CD

Modern acoustic folk. A collection of moving songs about friendship, love, and loneliness. Soaring vocals and harmonies.
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Beldock & Watson: Just Like You and Me - CD

Peggy Watson and David Beldock's first duo album featuring songs by both artists. Co-produced by Jeff Berkely.
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Peggy Watson: A Christmas Album - CD

A lovely acoustic collection of traditional and modern Christmas songs.
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Knee Deep - CD

Heartfelt songs of life and love. Beautiful melodies and vocals.
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