A Good Life

a_good_life_cover.jpgLife stories wrapped in uniquely beautiful music - flavored acoustic folk, pop and jazz.

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In the Company of Birds

Original modern folk songs. "Unabashedly timeless, she has found the vein of gold in her own instrument ..." Buy In the Company of Birds at CDBaby.com

Wild Grace

Stunning vocals, intelligent lyrics, rich portraits of life and love. An acoustic journey through contemporary folk stylings with tinges of blues, jazz, and even a little country.

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A Thousand Wishes

With her soaring vocals, great stories, melodic and diverse arrangements, Peggy Watson stretches the boundaries of acoustic folk/pop.

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Love Songs

A collection of original, pop/folk, and classic jazz love songs. Crystal clear vocals and lovely arrangements. Buy Love Songs at CDBaby.com

Orion's Skies

Modern acoustic folk. A collection of moving songs about friendship, love, and loneliness. Soaring vocals and harmonies. Buy Orion's Skies at CDBaby.com

Beldock & Watson: Just Like You and Me

Peggy Watson and David Beldock's first duo album featuring songs by both artists. Co-produced by Jeff Berkely. Buy "Just Like You and Me" at CD Baby

Peggy Watson: A Christmas Album

A lovely acoustic collection of traditional and modern Christmas songs. Buy "Peggy Watson: A Christmas Album" at CD Baby

Knee Deep

Heartfelt songs of life and love. Beautiful melodies and vocals. Buy Knee Deep at CDBaby.com