Reviews of Beldock & Watson

Excerpts from album reviews...

"Dreaming" (Watson, Beldock & Beach)
"Peggy Watson and David Beldock are writers of the finest order, and all three (don't forget Paul Beach) are veterans of stage and studio with many awards, albums, and credits to their names. So it's no surprise that this album is as good as it is. This reviewer recommends that you pick this one up and give it a listen. Dreaming will most likely become a favorite. "
Joe Rathburn - San Diego Troubadour

“A Good Life” (Peggy Watson) 
“Watson’s purity of tone, pinpoint control and glorious range are matched throughout by her unerring good taste.” 
George Varga – San Diego Union Tribune 

“Beldock pushes the rhythmic wagon with some of the most cracklin’ country/jazz solos and fills you’ll hear anywhere.” 
John D’Agostino – LA Times 

“Just Like You and Me” (Beldock & Watson) 
“Their lyrics depict a wide spectrum of human experiences that just about anybody can relate to. Instrumental performances are tasteful and flawlessly executed … One gets the sense that this music was created by seasoned artists who have perfected the craft of saying a lot without talking too much.” 
Mike Alvarez – San Diego Troubadour 

“In the Company of Birds” (Peggy Watson)
“On her sixth album, folk music master Peggy Watson delivers a masterpiece."
Tom Paine – San Diego Troubadour 

“A View From Here” (David Beldock) 
“Sweetly sung and carefully crafted, “A View From Here” celebrates the kind of song craft that nobody but James Taylor seems to bother with anymore … Quality starved listeners will be thrilled that someone cared enough to make an album worth sinking into.   
Karla Peterson – San Diego Union Tribune 

“A Thousand Wishes” (Peggy Watson) 
A Thousand Wishes shows Peggy Watson is more than just a brilliant songwriter and great vocalist, she’s a seasoned pro.” 
Tracy Page – Slamm Magazine 

“David Beldock is one of San Diego's best songwriters/musicians … his two CDs: 1999's A View from Here, and 2018's A View from There, are two of the best collections of original music to ever have come from America's Finest City … it's just freakin' great music, solidly written and played and performed with nuanced heart and soul. 
Joe Rathburn – presenter Folky Monkey 

A Good Life (Peggy Watson)
“In Peggy Watson, the San Diego folk music scene boasts a jewel that continues to shine year after year, and album after album. …She possesses an otherworldly voice, writes great material (herself, and together with co-writers David Beldock and Dave Blackburn) …and seems to know exactly what her strengths are.” 
Frank Kocher – San Diego Troubadour 

“David Beldock has the touch. His guitar playing is immaculate, whether it be folk or acoustic blues or jazz.” 
Frank Gutch Jr. of Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange